Keeping it simple

BQS GLOBAL services are designed to take your organisation through a straightforward and stress free path in order to get certified and maintainig that certification with continous support and training.

System Certification (BSSC)

BSCC Certification will help you to assess the standards and we will support you at every step until you receive the certification. With our help in the global marketplace, you show your customers, competitors, suppliers, employees and investors that you are committed to being the best you can be. BSCC deliver in concentrated form the knowledge needed for organizations to succeed. BSCC can offer also a set of specified tools to make your organization more innovative and productive.

Product Certification (BSPC)

The BSCC Product Certification is a Conformity Assessment Service. It is the process of certifying that certain products has passed regionally and internationally performance tests, quality assurance tests meets National Standards based on scheme criteria, has permission to use the quality seal indication that the product complies with, and that the supplier maintains an efficient and appropriate quality management system.

Test Certification (BSTC)

BSCC can review all your technical process information documented by Quality Assurance Department and issue Verification Certificate for succeed process.
We assisted by our close laboratories partners around the world and their proficiency in this area, we are able to provide general or specific quality and Safety Testing Service.

Training Academy (BSTA)

BSCC training provides in-depth understanding of the standard and the best practice methods to implement it within your organization. It will teach you the essential knowledge and skills required to be an internal auditor. Such skills are required to keep continual improvement of your organization.
With BSCC training you can also place a seal of trust and acknowledgement on your skills and demonstrate to your employer and customers that your knowledge has been validated.

BS Continuing Supporting (BSCS)

BSCC Supporting Department will help you maintain the certificates you have successfully received or are about to receive. Our experts come to the organization in accordance with the specific planning and quality assurance of the organization and will continuously evaluate the system and any standards-related problems will be addressed and resolved to ensure that the organization is stable.

BS Online Training Courses (BSOTC)

BSCC online training courses is the way to reduce the training cost, interactive learning, on your schedule, etc., from quality management systems and environment management to food safety management training. It is all one click away.