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Standards Services

We provide expert support services that are tailored to meet your business needs and objectives.

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Why choose us?

·       We help you gain valuable insights into your industry

·       We help you find the right alternative to cumbersome regulations

·       We help you to solve problems related to indirect cooperation with industry experts

·       We help you build trust in your organization and successfully lead your industry

Continuing Supporting System

A CSS is a fast-track standardization document which can be created in 8-12 months and assistant the system for years.

Research & Intelligence

Our team is made up of both expert information specialists and professional market research consultants. We work for government and business clients.


Our consulting service focuses on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities, whether you’re looking for management consultancy advice or seeking standards advice.

Auditing and verification services

Supplier audits is a Second-party audits can help you confirm your suppliers operate according to your requirements or protocols.

Internal audits is reviewing your organizational governance against industry-specific requirements, protocols and standards

Gap Analysis audits is reviewing your system before starting the implementation, we check the status of your organization in accordance with the desired standard.

International Projects

Get expert support in improving your country’s quality infrastructure

Why work with us?

Gain valuable insights into your industry

Solve indutry problems collaboratively and impartially with industry experts

Provide an alternative route to regulation

Build trust in your organization and lead your industry

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