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Auditing and verification

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One of the major

activities of BQS Global is Auditing for identifying of risk management in the activities of the organization.

From supplier audits to

internal audits, we can reassure you that your supply chain requirements are being met.If you would like us to play a role in endorsing your supplier, complying with industry-specific protocols, or needing something specific to meet your organization's needs, our teams of experts and auditors are here to verify.  They are helping you.

Our specialists have the

ability to review the training courses conducted by training organizations with the help of performance tools and training processes in accordance with international standards and to verify the training conducted in the correct structure.

With our help you can protect your brand, improve your confidence and gain more visibility throughout your global supply chain.

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Gain valuable insights into your industry

Solve indutry problems collaboratively and impartially with industry experts

Provide an alternative route to regulation

Build trust in your organization and lead your industry

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